Raising the Standard for Support Services

Why Choose M/T Box Computers?

MTBox Computer Mascot, EmmittThe founders of M/T Box Computers came from big businesses and they know how a big business runs their technology.  Being a small business, M/T Box understands that small businesses don’t have the budget or the resources to operate on that scale.  That is why M/T Box has spent the time and resources to find solutions for the small to medium business sector that allows these businesses to operate like their big business counterparts without spending money like the big businesses.

At M/T Box Computers, we build custom Microsoft Small Business Server solutions that fit your business needs.  We don’t have a “cookie cutter” quote already laid out for you.  We’ll ask many questions trying to understand your business and the needs of your business to find the best solutions for your business.  Through experience we have found that most companies have different needs, and those needs require different solutions.

If your current technology provider is not asking you enough questions or satisfying your various business needs then it is time for you to ask yourself the question: “Am I using the right technology partner?”  It may be time to contact M/T Box Computers and find out why we are…


“Raising the Standard for Support Services”